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In which our hero, recovering from illness, travels to America and is supposed to get well again before carrying on with the humdrum of life.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Comparative Bathroom Study

I generally don't go around taking much of an interest in bathrooms but I did come across two most interesting wash houses, one at the girl's house in Washington and the other at Spencer's in New York.

This is the girl's bathroom.
Pros include a very large shower cubicle and seat.
Cons include this rather tasteless tile portraying a deer looking very happy about having his/her flesh torn from his/her back by a very large maned tiger. See the blood utilised for violent effect?

This is Spencer's bathroom.
Pros include being amused that the bath is too small for a dirty ewok to be able to confortably lick his fur in and being able to see the next door neighbour wandering around her flat naked while talking to her cat.
Cons include utilising said bath and Spencer pointing out that the next door neighbour is actually a bit muntin'.


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